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Harbor Equity Group



A non-profit corporation formed in 1990 for the purpose of representing Waldo Point Harbor  residents

About Harbor Equity Group


HARBOR EQUITY GROUP was formed as a nonprofit community association to assure the long-term availability of safe, legal, affordable berths and shoreside services for all the residents of the community at Waldo Point Harbor. 

HEG is working to accomplish those goals with two initiatives:

  • Ongoing efforts to allow the residents to purchase the harbor
  • Continuing our work to assure that the upcoming construction work will achieve all of the goals of the Community Development Plan, which was approved by the residents

HEG was formed in 1989 and incorporated on August 20, 1990, as a nonprofit organization, and was granted federal tax-exempt status. It is staffed by member-volunteers. 

HEG is dedicated solely to the needs and interests of the residents of all the Waldo Point Harbor docks. This web site focuses on current issues and events that concern all members of our community.

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2016 Habor Equity Group Officers

Anna Shimko

Mark Ludwig (Issaquah Dock)
Vice President

Laurel Polarek (A Dock)

Peter Ruben

Peter Hudson (Main Dock)

David West (Liberty Dock)

Flo Hoylman (South 40)

Email HEG

Harbor Equity Group
P.O. Box 1908
Sausalito, CA 94966



Photo: Waldo Point Harbor by Stephen Frisch



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