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Harbor Equity Group


You and WPH

A non-profit corporation formed in 1990 for the purpose of representing Waldo Point Harbor  residents

You and Waldo Point Harbor

From time to time you may have difficulty resolving a dispute with Waldo Point Harbor or determining where the HARBOR management group's responsibility begins and the homeowners ends.

Your dock representative is the communications link between dock residents and the Floating Homes Association and Harbor Equity Group. They represent the concerns and views of the residents of their respective docks to those organizations. The dock reps' mandate is to represent the positions of all residents, and as such can’t normally represent an individual’s problems, either to WPH or to another neighbor. However, this is an area that sorely needs attention, and begs for one or more members of the community to devote some time to developing better communications with WPH, as well as to possibly act as a conduit for and record requests for maintenance, etc.
Neighbor disputes occasionally arise – over dog waste, cat waste, noise, construction, clutter, etc. We need a venue to resolve these minor issues before they become major.
At this time there is no one in charge of helping to resolve these disputes and act as an intermediary. Dock reps can not help individuals but rather act as a representative of the dock as a whole. If you are interested in volunteering to help residents in WPH with everything from icy docks to finger piers please contact HEG.or your dock.